Shaun Williams is Mad About Games! Are You?


As a solo developer with failed crowd-funding, I have worked hard and learned what i have needed to turn my games into a reality or Virtual Reality. I have worked 100 hours a week on average since 2012 and in 2018 I am spending much less time on future games and more time in freelance.

The games I design and develop are based on the sci-fi and horror genre. I try to innovate and make my games fun and content-rich compared to other Indie games. Although my games get compared to the leading AAA industry titles such as Ghostship is compared to Doom, Dead space etc And Starfighter is compared to Star Citizen, Elite and Eve Valkyrie. While it may be an honor for one guy and his game to be compared to those, realistically they should be compared to other indie games or even solo developer games. My final game Ghostship Chronicles will arrive later in 2018.

ALL artwork found on this web-site has been created by Shaun Williams and is subject to copyright.

I hope you enjoy your visit to Mad About games Studios and find some useful or inspiring games which I have created over the years. Please contact me if you have any questions about this web-site or any of my games, the CDF IP or freelance services.



  • Present - Solo Developer of Games and VR content - MAG Studios, Blackpool, UK
  • 2011/2012 - 3d Consultant (Education) Gaia Technologies Ltd. Wales, UK
  • 2010 - Moon-base Alpha - Design, Model & Prototype - Modular Moon base : Science & Industry Museum : Tampa, Florida, USA - 2012
  • 2014 - Big Bang Theory - Warner brothers : Sci-fi Fly-by Short - CDF Goliath
  • 2010 - 2011Target Earth / Ancient Aliens : Various animation clips
  • 2007/2010 - Various Books such as Digital Mayhem 3d Landscape Techniques
  • 2002/2008 – The Babylon Project (TBP – Full conversion of freespace 2 engine)
  • 2001/2008 – Freelance

Released Games

  • Ghostship Aftermath 2014
  • CDF Ghostship 2015
  • CDF Starfighter VR 2016
  • Starfighter origins 2017
  • Reficul - 2017 (Early Access)
  • Ghostship Chronicles - late 2018


  • 3d Modelling Low & High Poly
  • Concept art
  • Technical art/design
  • >Extensive Unreal Engine Experience Unreal 2 - 4.18
  • Coding, AI and UI frameworks & Shaders
  • VR development for games and commercial
  • Animation / VFX
  • Publishing & Community Interaction/Support